HYSY - Hydraulic SystemComponents


The propellers are designed for Bow Thruster use only. They can be supplied with 3 or more blades and with different diameters and pitches. The material used is BrMn.
For systems used as main propulsion will be necessary to calculate propellers for this specific purpose.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
Zinc Anodes having different sizes and shapes are foreseen for each Propulsion Unit. They can also be supplied as spare parts.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
Their are equipped with other components in order to get the needed functions: specifically the control of the delivery and / or the pressure.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
Gear pumps are the most popular pumps used in modern hydraulic systems. They offer versatility, sterngth and long useful life. The simple construction ensures low purchase and maintenace costs.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
PLATES (Nr. 5)
They can be with or without interface for the solenoid valve and are used to connect the Motor to the Hydraulic System. They can include valve to control the maximum pressure. Normally a removable manometer can be fitted to them.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
Thy can fulfil several requirements. They can be foreseen for one or more control stations. They can have the ON-OFF function or the proportional control of the propeller rotation speed.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
OIL TANK (Nr. 7)
They are made by stainless steel with different capacities. Their purposes are to contain and to filter the oil and to connect it to the hydraulic system.
They are equipped with sensors to give alarm in case of too high temperature or too low oil level.
HYSY - Hydraulic System
TUNNEL (Nr. 8)
We can supply with tunnels having different diameters and made by different materials: Fibreglass, Iron, Aluminium, Stainless Steel.
HYSY - Hydraulic System